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Batch Convert WvPack Audio to MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC, DTS, WMA

Hi guys, I have got many .wv files and need to convert these .wv files into mp3. Does anyone know a program that can help me to convert wv to mp3?

Does anyone know how I can convert .wv audio file to mp3? What converter without extra plug-ins?

Many users are raising the questions similar to the above ones. From these questions we can see that WvPack file has playback limitations and it is indeed. Few media players and devices can natively support WvPack file. For example, iPod need Rockbox firmware to play WvPack file; Android smartphones need third party Media Player to play WvPack file; WMP needs the DirectShow filter to play WvPack file; Roku PhotoBridge HD need a plugin to play WvPack. So to play WvPack on or in various devices or media players users have high demand in converting WvPack to MP3 or other widely used audio format, like WAV, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc.

The following article just introduces a recommended WvPack to MP3 converter - Avdshare Audio Converter and the guide on how to convert WvPack to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc.


WvPack to MP3 Conveter - Avdshare Audio Converter

  1. Convert all WvPack to MP3, WAV, WMA for playing WvPack in or on Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, iTunes, QuickTime, Android, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, etc or editing WvPack in Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, iMovie, FCP, etc.
  2. Convert WvPack to ALAC, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, MP2, etc to play WvPack on or in more devices and media players.
  3. Convert between almost all audio formats.
  4. Convert video to audio format.
  5. Edit any audio format.

How to Convert WvPack to MP3 with Avdshare Audio Converter?

Check out the following steps to convert WvPack to MP3.


Make Preparation: Free download WvPack to MP3 Converter

Free download the professional WvPack to MP3 Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Import WvPack files

Simply drag and drop WAV file to Avdshare Audio Converter. Or click  "Add file" button to import WvPack. Batch conversion from WvPack to MP3 is supported.


Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Click "Profile" button to choose MP3 from the "General Audio" as the output format.


Step 3 Convert WvPack to MP3

Click "Convert" button to complete converting WvPack to MP3.

What is WvPack?

WvPack has the extension .wv and is a free open source lossless audio compression format which means WvPack provides audio with no degradation and so WvPack is a good format to archive audio material or be used in situations where quality matters.