WMA to MP3 Converter for Mac and Windows

Batch Convert WMA to MP3 or Convert MP3 to WMA

I downloaded some WMA audio files from MSN, but these WMA are DRM-protected and can not be played on the phone. How to convert these DRM-protected WMA to MP3? My former converter can not convert DRM-protected WMA.

I am looking for a converter which can convert DRM-protected WMA to MP3 so that I can play on my Sansa player. Any recommendation?

Hello, is  there any way to convert many WMA to MP3 so that I can play them on my car CD/MP3 player?

WMA and MP3 are both lossy audio formats but in some cases there are still many users who plan to convert WMA to MP3. Why? Now the following article will explain this question clearly as well as share an efficient way to convert WMA to MP3.


Why Convert WMA to MP3?

WMA is was created by Mircrosoft and is well supported on Windows platform, but which also means WMA has limited compatibility with other platforms, hardware devices. Worse still, many WMA are DRM-protected, which further limits the possibility of where and on which device you can use WMA. Things will be different when regarding of MP3. MP3 is compatible with nearly all recent audio devices, players, tablets, Windows, Linus, Mac, etc. Besides MP3 is free to use.

WMA to MP3 Converter for Mac and Windows

Of course if the WMA is not DRM-protected you can use iTunes to convert WMA to MP3. But if the WMA is DRM-protected iTunes can do nothing with converting this DRM-protected WMA to MP3. To convert all WMA to MP3 you are recommended to use Avdshare Audio Converter.


Key Features of Avdshare WMA to MP3 Audio Converter

  1. Convert all WMA, including DRM-protected or non-DRM-protected WMA, to MP3.
  2. Convert all WMA to AIFF, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, MP2, RU, etc.
  3. Convert between any two audio formats.
  4. Play all WMA audio, MP3, WAV or any audio format.
  5. Edit all WMA, MP3, WAV, or any other audio format.

Guide on Converting WMA to MP3

The following converting WMA to MP3 step by step guide will perfectly convert all WMA to MP3. If you plan to use iTunes to convert the WMA which is not DRM-protected to MP3, follow the steps at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204310.


Make Preparation: Free download WMA to MP3Converter

Free download the professional WMA to MP3 Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.



Step 1 Import WMA files

Click "Add file" button to import WMA to Avdshare Audio Converter. Or drag and drop WMA to Avdshare Audio Converter. Support to batch converting WMA to MP3.



Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Click "Profile" button to choose MP3 from "General Audio" category as the output format.


Step 3 Convert WMA to MP3

Click "Convert" button to complete converting WMA to MP3.