Top Three Methods to Convert 3GA to MP3

Method 1: Avdshare; Method 2: Zamar; Method 3: Leawo Video Converter

Failed to play the recorded 3GA files on your computer, iPhone or other widely used audio devices or players? Want to know how to easily convert 3GA to MP3 for easily play 3GA files anywhere? If so, the following article will give your needed answer.

3GA file is really the audio file for 3GPP file which is a multimedia container format for video and audio. The 3GA file is usually recorded from some Samsung devices. Unlike MP3 and other popular used WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc, this 3GA file is not easily played on your computers, iPhone, iPad, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc. So when your 3GA files are refused by your computers and other devices, the easiest and the most efficient solution is to convert your 3GA files to MP3 files. The following will introduce top 3 methods to convert 3GA file to MP3 file.

Method One: Avdshare Audio Converter

  1. When talking about converting 3GA to MP3, Avdshare Audio Converter comes to the first place. Working as a powerful 3GA to MP3 converter, Avdshare Audio Converter supports to convert any 3GA file to MP3 file with the original audio quality.
  2. Also, this Avdshare Audio Converter supports to convert 3GA file to more widely used AAC, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, WAV, WMA, DTS etc for more flexible 3GA playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PSP, Roku, etc.
  3. This Avdshare Audio Converter well features in converting between any two audio formats with super high conversion speed.
  4. Except for converting audio formats, this Avdshare Audio Converter can also set audio format sample rate, trim audio file, change audio file frame rate, resolution, codec, file size, etc.
  5. More exciting is that this Avdshare Audio Converter supports to batch convert between audio formats.
  6. You can download and install Avdshare Audio Converter totally for free and then follow the steps below to convert your 3GA file to MP3 file.

How to Convert 3GA to MP3?

Make Preparation: Free download 3GA to MP3 Converter

Free download the professional3GA to MP3 Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import 3GA file

Click the Add File button to import your 3GA file to this 3GA to MP3 converter.

Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Easily click the "Profile" button>"General Audio"category where you can select MP3 to be the final output format.

Step 3 Complete the conversion

Complete the 3GA to MP3 conversion by simply clicking the Convert button.

Method Two: Use Zamar

Some web applications, such as Zamar, also works to convert your 3GA file to MP3 file. Zamar supports to convert between many audio formats, but web applications, like Zamar, always have some limitations, like the uploaded file size, file numbers, and the method you got your converted output file. Usually, you need to input your Email address and get your output file from your Email. Zamar has many limitations, but it can serve ordinary users. You can follow the guide below to convert your 3GA file to MP3 file with Zamar.

  1. Click Add Files button to add the 3GA file to Zamar.
  2. Select MP3 from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Convert Now button to get your 3GA file converted to MP3 file.

Method Three: Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter also works to convert your 3GA file to MP3 file. Also, this Leawo Video Converter is capable of converting 3GA file to more audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. Besides, this Leawo Video Converter supports to edit 3GA file, MP3 file or other audio files with many excellent audio editing features, like sample rate, audio trimming, setting audio length, removing audio noise, etc.

You can download Leawo Video Converter for Windows or Mac, install and then follow the steps below to convert your 3GA file to MP3 file.

  1. Click Convert button and then drag and drop the 3GA file to this 3GA to MP3 converter or click Add Video button to add this 3GA file to this 3GA to MP3 converter.
  2. Click Format button>click Change option to set MP3 as the final output file.
  3. Click on green Convert button and then choose your folder to put the output file. And then click Convert button at the bottom to start your 3GA to MP3 conversion work.