Top 5 Methods to Download Udemy Videos to MP4, MP3

Download Udemy Videos with Allavsoft, Ubuntu, IDM, Python, or Browser

Udemy is an online learning website aiming to provide online learning courses for professional adults. It is reported that Udemy has hosted over 80, 000 online courses with different fields. All Udemy online videos are not allowed to download from a computer due to piracy, except those whose instructors authorize their own lectures for downloading to a computer. Are there easy methods to download Udemy videos to computers? The answer is Yes and the following article will list 5 methods to help users to download Udemy videos.

Method 1: Use Allavsoft to Download Udemy Videos to MP4 or MP3

Speaking of Allavsoft, many users are familiar with that. Yes, Allavsoft is very workable when downloading Udemy videos.

  1. Allavsoft can work on Windows or Mac to download any Udemy video, like the development video, the business video, the design video, the music video, the marketing video, etc to your computer with any of your needed video format, like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, WMV, etc.
  2. If you only want to listen to the audio of the Udemy videos, you may also set MP3 as the download format to only extract audio of the Udemy videos.
  3. Allavsoft supports to download more than one Udemy video at one time.
  4. When using Allavsoft to download Udemy videos, you will never suffer any quality loss.
  5. Allavsoft also supports to download Lynda learning videos, SitePoint videos, Udacity videos and other online learning videos as well as Udemy learning videos.
  6. The steps on downloading Udemy videos are very simple: 1. Copy and paste or drag and drop the Udemy video URL to Allavsoft. 2. Optinal: Simply ignore this step if you accept Udemy original video format as the output format. If not, simply click the "Automatically Convert to" button to convert the Udemy original video format to any other needed video format. 3. Click the Download button to complete the Udemy video downloading work.

Method 2: Download Udemy Videos in Ubuntu

For some users whose operating system is Ubuntu, we will recommend you to use YouTube-dl to download Udemy videos. YouTube-dl can help users to download Udemy audios, Udemy videos, Udemy playlists with your wanted audio or video qualities. Besides, YouTube-dl also supports to download YouTube videos, Facebook videos and many other videos to MP3, MP3, etc. YouTube-dl is a command-line program to download Udemy videos, and users can know more about its steps and other features from its website:

Method 3: Download udemy videos with IDM

IDM also works well to download Udemy videos. IDM works to download any Udemy video, no matter the Finance videos, the language videos, the Lifestyle videos, the Design videos, the Academics videos, or other videos with other categories. IDM allows users to save the downloaded Udemy video in just one click with the help of its browser extension. For now IDM supports many web browsers, like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. The steps on downloading Udemy videos are: 1. Find the Udemy video that you want to download, play it and then you will get a floating download icon.2. Click Download This Video icon>Click the Start Download button to start and finish the Udemy video downloading.

Method 4: Download Udemy videos using Python

Python can help users to download Udemy videos if you have downloaded the requests library. Python can download Udemy videos in many ways, like the urllib, urllib2 module, but the most popular one is to download Udemy video via the requests library. The method for requests library is get, take the requests object and call the content property to obtain the data that you need to write. We usually use the with statement. And if you want to know more about Python, go to its website for them.

Method 5: Download Udemy videos from browser

Also, users can download Udemy videos from a web browser. If you do not like the desktop Udemy app or other above methods to download Udemy videos, you can also have the option to download Udemy videos with a browser extension which saves the trouble in importing the Udemy video link required by desktop apps. FastestTube is one of the best browser extensions which supports to download Udemy videos from Chrome browser, Safari browser, Firefox browser, Opera browser, etc. FastestTube enables users to download Udemy videos in various video formats and qualities. After installing FastestTube, a Download button will appear under each Udemy video that you are watching and then click the Download button will allow you to download your needed Udemy video.