Top 5 Best FLAC to MP3 Converters for Windows and Mac

Easily and Batch Convert Multiple FLAC Files to MP3 with High Audio Quality

You may have some FLAC files and these FLAC files normally provide high audio quality. However, FLAC format files, as the lossless audio format, usually take big storage space and are not supported to play on many widely used MP3 player, audio devices and other media players. To fix it, many users have converted their FLAC files to MP3 files. If you are also troubled by the FLAC problem, you can also convert your FLAC to MP3 for convenient storage and easy playback. The following top 5 FLAC to MP3 converters recommended by most users can really help you.

Top 1 FLAC to MP3 Converter: Avdshare Audio Converter

Avdshare Audio Converter is designed as a very powerful audio converter which supports to convert between any two audio formats and converting FLAC to MP3 is just a piece of cake.


Super high conversion speed.

Have no quality loss.

Convert between any two audio formats.

Convert any unsupported audio format to any device supported one.


It lacks online audio downloading feature.

It only works on Windows and Mac computers.

Steps on Converting FLAC to MP3

  1. Download Avdshare Audio Converter from, install and launch it.
  2. Click Add File button to import your FLAC file.
  3. Click the "Profile" button and directly select MP3 as the output format from the "General Audio" category.
  4. Click the Convert button to complete FLAC to MP3 conversion.

Top 2 FLAC to MP3 Converter: Audacity

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder. Audacity works on Windows, macOS, Linux and other operating systems. Besides recording audio files, Audacity can also support to import your own audio files and export it to WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG, etc. Of course, importing FLAC and exporting MP3 are well supported.


Export high audio quality.

Easy to operate, and can be used by any user.

It is open source.


Support limited audio formats.

Audacity sometimes crash when exporting MP3.

It takes longer time to export MP3 from FLAC.

Steps on Converting FLAC to MP3

  1. Launch Audacity after installation. But remember download the latest Audacity version.
  2. Click File button>Import>Audio to find your FLAC files. And click Open button to import your FLAC file to Audacity.
  3. Click File button>Export>Export as MP3 for single file conversion and click Export Multiple for multiple file conversions.
  4. Click Export button to finish your FLAC to MP3 conversion.

Top 3 FLAC to MP3 Converter: iDealshare VideoGo

iDealshare VideoGo is also a professional FLAC to MP3 converter for Windows and Mac. Actually this iDealshare VideoGo is created for more audio format conversions.


Convert FLAC to MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, OGG, M4A, AIFF, etc or convert any audio format to another one.

The original FLAC file quality will be converted as MP3 quality.

Convert any unsupported audio format to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PSP, Roku, Zune supported audio formats.


Downloading online audios is not supported by this converter.

It does not support to rip audio to CD.

Steps on Converting FLAC to MP3

  1. Download iDealshare VideoGo from, install it and launch it.
  2. Get your FLAC file added to this converter by clicking the Add File button or use the Drag&Drop feature.
  3. Click the "Profile" button>"General Audio" category where you can directly set MP3 as the output format.
  4. Complete FLAC to MP3 conversion by clicking the Convert button.

Top 4 FLAC to MP3 Converter: Freemake Audio Converter

You can also use Freemake Audio Converter to convert your FLAC file to MP3 file. This Freemake Audio Converter can easily convert your FLAC to MP3 in an efficient way.


Convert FLAC to MP3 and also convert between 50+ audio formats.

Keep original FLAC audio quality when converting FLAC to MP3.

Free to use.


The conversion speed is not that fast.

Sometimes, it pauses during the audio conversion process.

Steps on Converting FLAC to MP3

  1. Download Freemake Audio Converter from, install it and open it.
  2. Import your FLAC file to this Freemake Audio Converter by Drag &Drop feature or click the "+Audio" button..
  3. Click "to MP3" output extension.
  4. Click Convert button to start FLAC to MP3 conversion work and wait a little while for the conversion completion.

Top 5 FLAC to MP3 Converter: AnyMP4 Audio Converter

AnyMP4 Audio Converter can also do the FLAC to MP3 conversion work. Actually, this AnyMP4 Audio Converter can do more conversions. Check its main Pros and Cons below.


Support a variety of audio format conversions, including FLAC, MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA, ALAC, AIFF, AMR, AU, MKA, etc.

Simple interface and high conversion speed.

High output quality.


It is not stable.

It may pause during the FLAC to MP3 conversion work.

Steps on Converting FLAC to MP3

  1. Click Add File button to import your FLAC file or files to this converter.
  2. Click Profile button>Film icon>General Audio category where you can select MP3 as the output format.
  3. You can choose your output folder from the Destination list and finally click the Convert button to start your FLAC to MP3 conversion work.