Top 3 Free MKV Players for Android

Easily Play MKV Files on Any Android Device

MKV is a famous video container format and can easily wrap many kinds of video codecs, audio codecs and subtitle tracks in an MKV file. Also, high-quality MKV movies are increasingly found on many movie websites. However, many users have failed to play the MKV file on Android devices, because most of Android mobiles and tablets do not support to play MKV files, and only few newer Android models support to play MKV files. For example, the Android devices with Encoder Android 4.3+ and Decoder Android 2.3.3+ support to play MKV with VP8 codec; the Android devices with Decoder Android 4.4+ support to play MKV with VP9 codec.

Have tried to play the downloaded MKV movie on Android phone or tablet but failed? Still want to play MKV file on Android mobiles and tablets? The following article just introduces top 3 MKV players for Android to help users to successfully play MKV on Android devices.

Top 1: VLC for Android

VLC for Android is a very famous player for Android mobiles and tablets. After installing VLC for Android, users can easily play the unsupported MKV on any model of Android mobile and tablet. VLC for Android also supports to play other unsupported FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, WTV, MOV, etc on any Android device. Users had better download the VLC for Android on VLC official website and then import the MKV to it for playback.

Top 2: MX Player

MX Player is another MKV player for Android and is favored by most of Android users. MX Player also supports to play HD MKV very easily on Android and many users have had MX Player as their final option after trying lots of MKV players for Android. Except for playing MKV on Android, MX Player supports to play FLV, WMV, AVI and other Android unsupported video formats, too. And users are advised to download MX Player on its official website at any time.

Top 3: BS player

BS player is also well-known when playing MKV file on Android. BS player has user-friendly interface and easy operation allowing any user to easily play MKV on Android. Also, BS player supports to play a variety of other unsupported video formats on Android.

However, some users do not want to install one media player on their Android devices, for which users, they can install a desktop App - Avdshare Video Converter on their Windows or Mac computers and then convert the unsupported MKV to Android best supported MP4, 3GP, etc. After that, users can transfer the converted MP4, 3GP to their Android devices for compatible playback. Also, this Avdshare Video Converter can support to convert any video format to another one for compatible playback or editing. Users can find more Avdshare Video Converter features and the step by step guide on its official website.