TiVo Video Converter for Mac and Windows

Convert TiVo to MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG

Although TiVo is so powerful in video recording, you may run into dilemma that TiVo Video cannot be played on Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, PPT, cannot be transferred to portable devices like iPad, Android, iPhone, PS3, MP4 player or cannot be edited in video editing like FCP, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc tools. Besides, you may find it quite difficult to upload TiVo Video to YouTube or burn TiVo Video to DVD. In general, file format incompatibility mainly result in these issues.

How to solve these above issues? It is suggested that you convert TiVo Video to more common video format, such as convert TiVo Video to MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MPG, convert TiVo Video to AVI, convert TiVo Video to MP4, convert TiVo Video to WMV, TiVo Video to MOV, TiVo Video to MKV, etc.

TiVo Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter is specially designed to convert TiVo Video to more popular video format to solve file format incompatibility issue.

TiVo Converter - Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Convert TiVo files to any video formats like convert TiVo to MPEG, convert TiVo to MPEG-1, convert TiVo to MPEG-2, convert TiVo to MPG, convert TiVo to MP4, convert TiVo to MOV, convert TiVo to AVI, convert TiVo to WMV, convert TiVo to ProRes, convert TiVo to DV, convert TiVo to ASF, convert TiVo to H.265, convert TiVo to FLV, convert TiVo to WebM, convert TiVo to DV, convert TiVo to SWF, convert TiVo to WTV, convert TiVo to MKV, convert TiVo to ASF, convert TiVo to OGV etc
  2. Convert TiVo files to any auido formats like convert TiVo to MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AIFF, DTS, 3GA, RA, AU, AC3 etc.
  3. Direcly play TiVo videos without conversion.
  4. Besides play or convert TiVo recording, it also helps to edit TiVo video like trim, crop, merge, split, compress, rotate, subtitles etc.
  5. This powerful TiVo Video Converter has both Mac and Windows version.

How to Convert TiVo to MPEG?

The following article will step-by-step introduce how to convert TiVo Video to MPEG, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc.on Mac or Windows.

Before converting TiVo videos, remember to transfer the TV shows you would like to convert later to your PC. And in order to achieve this, you need to download TiVo Desktop software. Connect your TiVo to your home network, and then TiVo Desktop will provide you with a list of available shows for transferring to your PC. Get the TV shows ready which you would like to convert later, and carry on with the converting process.

Make Preparation: Free download TiVo Video Converter

Click “Free download” to install the powerful but easy-to-useTiVo Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), and then launch it, the following interface will appear.


Step 1 Add TiVo video to Avdshare Video Converter

Click "Add file" button to load the TiVo video you want to convert or simply drag and drop TiVo video to Avdshare Video Converter. Then a window will pop up to let you enter your Media Access Key to add successfully add your TiVo files.


Step 2 Select output video format

Click the "Profile" drop-down list to set the output format. There are a lot of formats in the list. You can select one format per your need. For example, you can select MPEG as the output format for it is widely supported by popular media player.


Step 3 Convert TiVo video to MPEG

Click the big "Convert" button to start and complete converting TiVo video to MPEG.It will be finished in just several seconds. Then you can play it on your devices or edit it in video editing software, like Adobe Premiere.


Brief Introduction of TiVo                       

TiVo is a digital video recorder, which will replace your cable box with a United Entertainment System. The TiVo is the shortest distance between you and your entertainment, because it combines all your options into a single box. No more switching devices, toggling inputs or juggling remotes. Whether it's from TV, available on-demand libraries or streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, YouTube or Pandora, TiVo delivers it all in an instant.


What Makes TiVo so Popular?

  1. OneSearch - search broadcast TV and streaming content all at the same time
  2. SkipMode - skip commercial break with a single button
  3. QuickMode - watch shows 30% faster with pitch perfect audio
  4. Watch shows on all your screens via iOS & Android apps and TiVo Online
  5. Watch & record cable TV channels
  6. Watch & record HD antenna TV channels
  7. Record up to 4 shows at one time and watch in 4K
  8. RF Remote and Remote Finder


Go to download the TiVo Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter, and start with your brand-new experience about watching TV shows anywhere. Imagine the following cases: catch up on your recorded shows while you wait for your flight at the airport, or let the kids watch their favorites on that long road trip. What a wonderful experience! It is the TiVo Video Converter that gives you all this mobility. Enjoy it.