How to Add  .srt Subtitles to AVI Videos?

SRT to AVI Converter - Add Subtitles .srt to AVI on Windows and Mac

I downloaded an AVI file from the internet, but the AVI video is English and I can not understand its language. I want to add the new srt subtitles to the AVI file so that I can understand the AVI file deeply. Is there any tool which can help me to add the srt file to the AVI file?

Subtitles are text displayed at bottom or top of the playing video to help users who have hearing problems or who are watching a foreign language to better understand the videos they are watching. Subtitles have many formats and one of them is SubRip format. SubRip is originally a software users used to extract subtitles from video and later also used to mean the subtitles format created by SubRip. The subtitles created by SubRip are also with the file extension .srt. The SubRip srt subtitles are supported by many video players, so are easy to be found around the internet.  

Download one AVI video with foreign language and want to add some srt subtitles to it for easy understanding? Do not know how to add srt subtitles to AVI file? A professional srt to AVI adder - Avdshare Video Converter can help to easily add the srt subtitles to AVI file.

Key Features of Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Add any srt subtitles in any language to AVI video without changing the AVI format or quality.
  2. Add the new srt subtitles to replace the old srt subtitles of AVI file.
  3. Add subtitles in other formats, like .psb, .sub, .ssf, .rt, .jss, .stl, .aqt, etc, to AVI video.
  4. Add srt subtitles, psb subtitles, rt subtitles, sub subtitles, and other types of subtitles to AVI video, MOV video, MP4 video, FLV video, MKV video, WMV video, WTV video and video in any video format.
  5. Add srt subtitles to AVI, MP4, etc and convert the original video format to another video format.
  6. Remove subtitles from AVI or any other video, change video codec, sample rate, bitrate, etc, rotate video, split video, merge videos, etc.
  7. Convert any video format to AVI, MP4, etc or convert AVI to any other video format.
  8. Convert AVI or other unsupported video formats to any device, media player or video editor supported video formats.

Guide on Adding SRT Subtitles to AVI

The following guide can work to add the srt subtitles to AVI.


Make Preparation: Free download the SRT to AVI Adder

Free download the professional SRT to AVI Adder - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Load AVI file

Click "Add File" button to add the AVI file which you want to add srt to this SRT to AVI adder.


Step 2 Add SRT

Click "Effect" button>Subtitle panel>Click "+" to add the srt file which you want to add to the AVI file. You can also click the Font button, Color button, etc to adjust your srt style. And then click "OK" button to save it.


Step 3 Select the output format (optional)

Of course, if you want to change the original AVI format to other video formats click the  "Profile" button to choose it under the "General Video" category.


Step 4 Complete to add SRT to AVI

Click "Convert" button to complete adding your needed srt subtitles to AVI.