How to Solve 'MP4 Files Have No Sound'?

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MP4, as the most universal video format, is theoretically supported by many devices, media players or other programs. But in practice many users have encountered or have been encountering ' MP4 files have no sound ' issue. See the following examples:

I downloaded a MP4 video of about 40 minutes long and when I play it in Windows Media Player, no audio comes out, only the image. Why?

Why playing MP4 in Kodi only get the video, but no audio. What is the problem?

When I try to load the MP4 file that I downloaded from the internet to Hyperspin. There is no audio and worse still is that the video is completely distorted.

Can TCL TV support to play MP4 file? Why I only get video but not audio from the MP4 file when playing the MP4 on TCL TV?

Some MP4 can be played well on my PS4 while some can only have image, no any audio. How to fix it?

How to Solve 'MP4 files have no sound' Issue?

Of course there is a possibility that your MP4 is corrupted in which case you need to repair the MP4 or download the MP4 file again from the same website or other websites. But if your MP4 is not corrupted the biggest possible cause is that the codec compressing your MP4 is not supported by your device or media player in which case you need to use a professional video converter to convert the unsupported MP4 to your device or media player supported MP4 with the supported codec.

Avdshare Video Converter is just the right video converter you will need. Avdshare Video Converter can convert any unsupported MP4 to Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iPhone, PS4, Hyperspin, TCL TV, Panasonic  TV, Tivo, Xbox 360 and others supported MP4 or other supported video formats. Besides this MP4 converter can also convert any other unsupported AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV, etc to any device or media player supported video format. More surprising is that this MP4 converter can convert any video format to the one that you need.

How to Convert the Unsupported MP4 with Avdshare Video Converter?

The following step by step guide will show you an example and you can follow the example to convert any unsupported MP4  to the one supported by your device or media player.


Make Preparation: Free download MP4 Converter

Free download the professional MP4 Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Import MP4 files

Click "Add file" button to select MP4 from your folder or directly drag and drop MP4 to Avdshare Video Converter.


Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Click "Profile" button to select MP4 H.264 from the "General Video" category as the targeted output format.


Step 3 Start the conversion

Click "Convert" button to complete converting MP4 to MP4 H.264.