How to Remove Audio from MP4 on Mac or Windows?

Powerful Sound Removers for Mac and Windows

In this article, we will recommend three ways to remove audio from MP4 for the Windows and Mac users.

Approach one: remove audio from MP4 with audio remover on Windows and Mac

This great audio remover works well both for Windows and Mac, which can remove audio from MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB, AVCHD, MPEG, DV, FLV, WMV, RMVB, etc. With it, you will easily remove the whole sound file from MP4 or simply delete one audio channel from the MP4. In addition, encoding or conversion will not be needed during the audio removing, thus, no video quality loss will occur.

The edition functions of this audio remover include trim or crop, merge or split, add/delete/customize subtitles, add watermark, rotate video, add special effects, etc.

Now, let’s follow the steps below to easily remove audio from MP4 on Windows and Mac.

Tutorials to Remove Audio from MP4 on Windows and Mac

Please follow the step-by-step guide to Remove Audio from MP4 on Windows and Mac

Make Preparation: Free download audio remover

Free download the professional audio remover (for Windows, for Mac), install and run it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Load MP4 file

Click "Add File" button or simply drag and drop MP4 file or files to this interface.


Step 2 Remove audio from MP4

Click "Setting..." button and then the "Advanced Settings" Window will appear on the right side. In “Advanced Settings”, switch to the “Advanced” tab and then go to the “Audio Codec” section. Go to the “Disable Audio” option, click “False” tab on the right side of Disable Audio to select “True” from the drop-down list, after that click “Apply to All” and press “OK”.

Step 3 Complete removing audio from MP4

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side, and complete removing audio from MP4.

Approach two: remove audio from MP4 on Mac with iMovie

Here are the steps to remove audio from MP4 with iMovie:

Step 1. Drag and drop the MP4 files or click “file” to add file from the menu.

Step 2. Click "settings" options and you will see the "audio codec" section.

Step 3. Select the "disable audio" option and then choose "apply to all", after that, click "ok".

Step 4. Press "convert" button and after a little while you will remove the audio from MP4.

Approach three: remove audio from MP4 on Windows with Windows Movie Maker

The following guide will show you how to remove sound from MP4 with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1. Click "add video and photos" to insert MP4 files.

Step 2. Click "file" then "save movie", after that, click "audio only".

Step 3. Rename the audio file and save it.


Why Remove Audio from MP4?

“Removing sound from Mp4 files: I'm trying to synch a film clip to a music file. How do I remove the sound off the current MP4 video file, so that I can add an MP3 audio file?”

As stated above, to add other music file to a MP4 file, the first thing should be removing the original audio from MP4. Or sometimes, if you only wish to extract the audio file of the MP4 and add them to other video or enjoy the music file anywhere, you will need to remove the sound from MP4.