How to Play MKV in Windows Media Player?

Three Top Methods to Play MKV in All Versions of Windows Media Player


MKV users will be very disappointed to find that their MKV files can not be played in Windows Media Player. That is true, no version of Windows Media Player supports to play MKV file. And now the following article will provide three methods to play MKV in Windows Media Player.

Method One: Use a video converter

We can use a MKV to Windows Media Player converter, like Avdshare Video Converter, to convert the unsupported MKV to Windows Media Player supported video format, such as WMV. And then import the converted WMV in Windows Media Player to play. And then the problem is solved.

The conversion process is very simple and what you need is the Avdshare Video Converter and three mouse clicks. Another advantage of Avdshare Video Converter is that Avdshare Video Converter can also convert other unsupported FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, etc to Windows Media Player supported video format. And also Avdshare Video Converter supports to convert MKV or any video format to MP4 or convert between any two video formats.

Convert MKV to Windows Media Player Video Format Guide

The converting MKV to Windows Media Player supported video format is listed as follows:


Make Preparation: Free download MKV to Windows Media Player Converter

Free download the professional MKV to Windows Media Player Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.



Step 1 Import MKV files

The unsupported MKV can be imported into Avdshare Video Converter by clicking "Add file" button or using drag and drop function.


Step 2 Targeted output format setting

The AVI can be chosen as the output format after clicking "Profile" button > "General Video" category.


Step 3 Start the conversion

Click "Convert" button to complete converting MKV to Windows Media Player supported AVI video.


Method Two: Install another MKV player

If the Windows based Windows Media Player does not support the MKV file we can install another MKV player to replace the Windows Media Player to play the MKV file. The Core Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, Zoomplayer, Mplayer are all good MKV players which can feature more than just support to play MKV files. So choose one and download it from its official website.


Method Three: Install MKV codec

The basic reason why Windows Media Player does not support to play MKV file is that there is a MKV codec lack in Windows Media Player. So if we can install the right MKV codec to your Windows computer, and then the problem is solved. For now CCCP Community Pack is recommended as one of the best MKV codec. But please go to its official website to download and install CCCP Community Pack, in which way you will avoid download some virus or unneeded plug-ins to your computer.



From the above introduction I am sure that you can choose one method proper for you. And most of users will choose method one, because they say method one is the most secure and the easiest method and can be operated by anyone.