AVCHD to DVD -How to Burn 1080p/720p AVCHD to DVD?

AVCHD to DVD Converter Helps to Play AVCHD on DVD Player

Through simple steps, this professional AVCHD to DVD Converter gives you an easy way to convert AVCHD to DVD without video quality loss so as to burn AVCHD to DVD to play AVCHD on DVD Player.

Professional AVCHD to DVD Converter and Burner

The AVCHD to DVD burner in this article is specialized in converting AVCHD to DVD and play AVCHD in DVD players and Blu-ray disc players. After converted, the video can keep the video quality like 1080p video. Many DVD burners have complicate operations while this professional AVCHD to DVD burner only needs four steps. Even the beginners can handle it quickly and perfectly.

Here are more features about this AVCHD to DVD burner:

  • Burn other format video to DVD like burn MP4 to DVD, burn AVI to DVD, burn MOV to DVD, burn VOB to DVD, burn RMVB to DVD, burn WMV to DVD, burn FLV to DVD, burn 3GP to DVD, etc.
  • Customize the output video quality as you wish.
  • Burn audio like MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, etc. to CD and play them with CD players.
  • You are allowed to specify the output aspect ratio.  
  • Mac version and Windows version are available.

Tutorial to Convert AVCHD to DVD Player format

Download the Free Trial, and install the professional AVCHD to DVD converter (for Windows, for Mac), and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Add AVCHD files

Click Add File button to import AVCHD files from your local file folder or hard disc.

Step 2 Set DVD Player supported video format

Click Profile drop-down button to select DVD Player supported video format like Divx, MPEG-2, H.264, VOB etc.

Step 3 Effect AVCHD video

Click the Effect button to edit AVCHD file like trim, crop, rotate, subtitle, effect, etc.

Step 4 Start to convert AVCHD to DVD

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side to begin to convert AVCHD to DVD player supported video format to burn AVCHD to DVD and play AVCHD on DVD player.

Why Convert AVCHD to DVD?

It is known that AVCHD format exists in the file recorded by some HD camcorders like Sony, Panasonic.  The AVCHD file extension can be .mts, .m2ts, .tp, .mod, .trp, etc. AVCHD records video at a range of resolutions including 1080p, 1080i and 720p. However, not all the media players support AVCHD format. In this situation, if we convert AVCHD to DVD, then we will be able to play AVCHD files on any DVD player as well as Blu-ray Disc players. In addition, we will get the memorable AVCHD recording files stored in long term, thus avoid lost them in hard disc. More importantly, the similar video quality of AVCHD and DVD makes AVCHD to DVD conversion become possible.


All the Following Problems will be Solved

  1. “I want to know that how to burn an avchd format video from a camcoder which is in my case sony hd camcoder to normal dvd fromat to be played in dvd players because i have an 80GB AVCHD format home video which i want to burn onto a dvd i want to do it quickly and easily can anyone please help me it will be much appreciated plus advance thanks to all those whom help thankyou i will be eagerly waiting for reply”
  2. “I have a Canon Vixia 100 which records in AVCHD and am looking for a program that will enable me to burn onto DVD-RW.Something that won't cost hundreds. My OS is Vista premium 64 bit.”
  3. “How do I burn AVCHD files to a dvd or blu-ray? I just bought a sony HX-30V so I can shoot high quality HD clips. I am trying to understand the manual, and its saying that AVCHD 28M PS (highest quality) can only be saved or burned onto a blu-ray disc to keep the original quality. Would I need to buy an external blu-ray burner? And I read I can create a AVCHD disc on a dvd, but I think that can be only be played on a blu-ray. And lastly, if I understand correctly, I can still convert my AVCHD files to a normal dvd, but the quality goes down to standard. Is this correct? (this is with Sony PlayMemoriesHome) What is the difference between a blu-ray disc, AVCHD disc and a dvd? I really want to keep the quality as high as possible. Also, if I buy a mini HDMI cable, can I hook my camera directly to my HD TV, I see on the back there are 2 HDMI ports to plug in to, will I see the true original HD quality on screen? Thanks for any help you can give me.”