MP4 to OGG Converter for Mac and Windows

Extract OGG Audio from MP4 Video to Convert MP4 to OGG

MP4 is a video container format and may contain a variety of video codecs and audio codecs, but sometimes we only want to extract the OGG audio or convert the extracted MP4 audio to OGG format for some OGG-supported audio players.

Now the following article just introduce a MP4 to OGG converter - Avdshare Audio Converter to help you to convert any MP4 video to OGG audio.

MP4 to OGG Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter

  1. Extract the OGG audio from MP4 file.
  2. Extract the original MP4 audio and convert it to OGG, if the original MP4 audio is not in OGG format.
  3. Extract OGG, MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, MP2, WMA, AIFF, AC3, etc from MP4, AVI, FLV, WMA, MOV, MKV, WTV, etc.
  4. Convert AVI, MP4, WMV or any other video format to OGG, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, etc.
  5. Convert any audio format to MP3 or to another audio format.
  6. Edit MP3 or any other audio format, like trimming audio file, splitting big audio file, joining many small audio files into one big, changing audio volume, codec, sample rate, size, etc.


How to Convert MP4 to OGG with Avdshare Audio Converter?

The converting MP4 to OGG job can be done following the guide below.


Make Preparation: Free download MP4 to OGG Converter

Free download the professional MP4 to OGG Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Add MP4 files

Drag and drop MP4 to Avdshare Audio Converter or click "Add file" button to add MP4 to Avdshare Audio Converter.


Step 2 Targeted output format setting

The OGG output format can be easily chosen by clicking  "Profile" button >"General Audio" category.


Step 3 Start the MP4 to OGG conversion

Click "Convert" button to start and finish converting MP4 to OGG.



In this society where many people have no time or are inconvenient to enjoy video, like when driving, walking, riding bike, taking subway while closing eyes. In these cases using a audio converter, like Avdshare Audio Converter, to convert the video, such as MP4, AVI, to audio, such as OGG,MP3, seems so handy.