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Convert Audio Files from MP3 to OGG or OGG to MP3 with High Quality

Hi, guys. I downloaded three MP3 files from Spotify and now I need to convert the three MP3 files to OGG. How can I do that in an easy way? It will be better if the tool for converting MP3 to OGG can convert all the three MP3 to OGG at once.

MP3 and OGG are two popular, compressed and lossy audio formats which can both provide smaller file sizes. MP3 is a patented audio file while OGG is not constrained by any patents and so can be free used by any user. MP3 maybe the most popular audio format and also more popular than OGG and has got more support on audio devices and audio players. Except the OGG free patent, OGG has got no advantages over MP3, but even though which, there are still many users who are looking for a MP3 to OGG converter to convert their MP3 files to OGG possibly due to the OGG free patent, their OGG compatible audio players, personal reference or other reasons. No one wants to lose any audio quality during the MP3 to OGG conversion process, for which a professional MP3 to OGG converter is needed.

MP3 to OGG Converter

Avdshare Audio Converter, as the most powerful MP3 to OGG converter, stands itself out for its following features: 

  1. Convert any MP3 to OGG for any OGG compatible audio device, player or audio program.
  2. Convert any OGG to MP3 for playing OGG on any MP3 compatible audio application.
  3. Convert other audio formats, like WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, AIFF, RM, MP2, etc as well as MP3 to OGG.
  4. Convert MP3 to any other audio format for any device or audio player which can not support MP3 better than other audio formats.
  5. Convert any audio format to MP3 to benefit from the MP3 format advantages.
  6. Convert between lossy audio formats, lossless audio formats or lossy audio format to lossless audio format or lossless audio format to lossy one.
  7. Convert any unsupported audio format to any audio device or player supported audio formats.
  8. Do audio editing operations to MP3, OGG and any other audio format: trim audio file, split audio file, change audio codec, sample rate, volume, frame rate, etc.

Guide on Converting MP3 to OGG

Easily convert MP3 to OGG as per the guide below.

Make Preparation: Free download MP3 to OGG Converter

Free download the professional MP3 to OGG Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import MP3 file

The MP3 file can be easily imported to this MP3 to OGG converter by clicking the "Add file" button or the drag and drop function. Support to batch convert MP3 to OGG.

Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Choose OGG as the output format by clicking "Profile" button >"General  Audio " category.

Step 3 Start the MP3 to OGG conversion

Click "Convert" button to complete converting the audio files from MP3 to OGG.