MKV iMovie: How to Import MKV to iMovie?

MKV to iMovie Converter: Convert MKV to iMovie Supported MP4 or MOV

I have a big MKV file, about 2GB, and I want to import this MKV to iMovie for editing. Can iMovie support MKV? If not, what are iMovie supported formats and how can I convert the unsupported MKV to iMovie supported video format?

I want to edit MKV in iMovie 11, but it seems that iMovie 11 does not allow me to import MKV into it. What converter can I use to convert the MKV to iMovie 11 supported video format?

If you also want to know how to import MKV to any version of iMovie for editing continue reading the following article.

Nowadays many users like to use iMovie to edit their video files before sharing it to friends or social websites. But iMovie can only support few video formats as well as the ones directly imported from the supported cameras, but MKV is not one of them. Want to import MKV to iMovie for editing? If so, a professional MKV to iMovie converter - Avdshare Video Converter will come to help you.

MKV to iMovie Converter - Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Convert all MKV files encoding with any video or audio codec to iMovie supported MOV MPEG-4 without any quality loss occurring during the conversion process.
  2. Convert all other unsupported FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, WTV, etc to iMovie supported video format.
  3. Convert MKV or any other unsupported video format to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, FCP X, Sony Vegas supported video format.
  4. Convert MKV to MP4, to AVI, to FLV, to WMV or to any other video format.
  5. Convert MKV to MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3, WMA, OGG or to any other audio format.
  6. Change or remove MKV subtitles, change MKV volume, codec, video resolution, sample rate, rotate MKV, merge MKV and other excellent MKV editing features for you to explore.

How to Convert MKV to iMovie Supported Video Format with Avdshare Video Converter?

Convert MKV to iMovie supported video format as per the following guide.


Make Preparation: Free download MKV to iMovie Converter

Free download the professional MKV to iMovie Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Import MKV files

Click "Add file" button to add MKV to Avdshare Video Converter. support to convert MKV in batch mode.


Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Click MOV MPEG-4 as your output format by clicking "Profile" button > "General Video" category.


Step 3 Start the conversion

Click "Convert" button to complete converting MKV to iMovie supported MOV MPEG-4.