How to Split FLAC, MP3, APE, WAV, WMA, ALAC, DTS, etc?

Medieval CUE Splitter Mac and Windows Alternative



The following article aims to specify a CUE Splitter named Medieval CUE Splitter Mac which can perfectly split FLAC, MP3, APE, WAV, WMA, TAK, ALAC, DTS, etc with a cue file into separate tracks and the step by step guide.

Main Functions of Medieval CUE Splitter Mac

  1. Easily and fast split FLAC, MP3, APE, WAV, WMA, TAK, ALAC, DTS, etc with a cue file into individual tracks to play the audio on audio players simply.
  2. Directly split and save the generated audio format into different audio track format, like split and save TAK CUE into independent WMA, MP3, FLAC, etc
  3. Support to only extract your wanted single audio track
  4. Batch splitting the album or compilation with the cue file is supported
  5. Work well on Mac and Windows

Step by Step Guide for Medieval CUE Splitter Mac

The following step by step guide will take splitting FLAC, MP3, APE, WAV, WMA, TAK, ALAC, DTS, etc into independent audio tracks on Mac system. Medieval CUE Splitter Mac can still work on Windows system.

Make Preparation: Free download Medieval CUE Splitter Mac

Free download the professional Medieval CUE Splitter Mac (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Import MP3 CUE

Click "Add file" button to import MP3 CUE into the main interface of Medieval CUE Splitter Mac.


Step 2 Split MP3 file

First choose the MP3 file you want to split.

Then click "Split by Chapter" from the context menu, the MP3 file will be automatically split into many separate audio tracks.

Tips: You must save the generated cue file in the same folder as the original MP3 file to make sure the splitting process successfully.


Step 3 Final exporting format setting

Click the "Profile" button to select MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3) as the final exporting format. You can also choose other format as the final exporting format, like WMA, if you want to change the generated format.


Step 4 Complete splitting MP3

Click the "Convert" button to complete the splitting MP3 into separate tracks conversion.

Why Need to Split?

A cue sheet or cue file, describes the main data of an audio file and also elaborates track lengths, track disc and performers. However the audio players can not tell the single audio file from the cue file easily, so the widely adopted solution is to split the original audio file into individual audio tracks with a CUE Splitter. For Windows users, Medieval CUE Splitter can satisfy your most need, but for Mac users, you have to turn to another CUE Splitter like Medieval CUE Splitter Mac for help, for Medieval CUE Splitter only has Windows version, no Mac version.