How to Join MP3 Files on Mac and Windows?

MP3 Joiner - Join MP3 Files on Mac and Windows

Sometimes we love some MP3 songs and when we put them into the hard disk drive for playing, the playback order will not be the one we want. How can we play them in the order we want? Joining these MP3 files into one single is a better choice. Here this article just aims to introduce a best MP3 joiner and the step by step guide.


The Best MP3 Joiner - Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Join multiple MP3 files together with the original quality and without recompression.
  2. Join multiple OGGs, WMAs, M4As, WAVs, AACs, AIFFs, FLACs, DTSs,M4Bs, APEs, etcas well as join MP3s into one single file.
  3. Convert MP3 to other audio formats, like converting MP3 to OGG, converting MP3 to WMA, converting MP3 to M4A, to WAV, FLAC, DTS, AIFF, etc.
  4. Except for joining audio files into one, Avdshare can also join multiple video files together, like joining multiple MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, VOB, FLV, etc.
  5. Avdshare can also extract audio from video and edit the audio file, like extracting MP3 from MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc. More features wait for you to explore.
  6. Works well on all Mac systems and Windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista.

Step by Step Guide for the Best MP3 Joiner - Avdshare

Please follow the step by step guide to join multiple MP3s together.

Make Preparation: Free download MP3 Joiner

Free download the professional MP3 Joiner - Avdshare Audio Converter  (for Windows, for Mac), install and launch it after downloading. The following interface will pop up.


Step 1 Import multiple MP3 files

Click "Add File" button to add multiple MP3 audio files to Avdshare Audio Converter.Youcan also drag and drop these MP3s to Avdshare.

Step 2 Join MP3s

Click "Merge" button to join these MP3 files  into one single file.


Step 3 Final output format setting

Click "Profile" button to set MP3 or other audio formats, like WAV, AAC, etc as the final output format for the joined the MP3


Step 4 Complete joining MP3 audios

Click "Convert" button to complete joining multiple MP3s into one.


With Avdshare you can easily join MP3s or other multiple audio or video files into one, and also you will not be troubled by the issues related to joining MP3s listed as follows:

  1. How to join multiple audio files, like joining MP3s, WAVs, AACs together?
  2. I want to join many MP3s together and then convert it to FLAC, is there some program I can use to finish it?
  3. I want to know if there is a software which can join two different MP3s together and let them play as one file?
  4. Is it possible to join MP3 files without transcoding and recompression and play the joined MP3 on all standard media player?
  5. I just burned the mix and I want to join up all the tracks from my mix into one big MP3 to play on my iPod, any idea?
  6. I would like to combine 5 MP3 files into one file so that these songs can be played one right after the other, how to make it?