Increase Volume of MP4,MP3,AVI,MKV,MOV,WMV,WAV

Powerful Volume Booster: Increase Sound Volume of Video or Audio

Increase Video/Audio Volume with Avdshare Video Converter

As a powerful video editor and converter, Avdshare Video Converter will easily increase the sound volume with simple settings. Even the beginners will handle it quite soon. The video and audio quality will never change after the sound volume increased. There are many sound volume levels, from which you can select the appropriate one.

Here are some of the functions of Avdshare Video Converter:

  • Increase sound volume in any video format like increase MP4 volume, increase AVI volume, increase WMV volume, increase MOV volume, increase FLV volume, increase 3GP volume, increase VOB volume, etc.
  • Increase sound volume in any audio format like increase MP3 volume, increase WAV volume, increase WMA volume, increase OGG volume, increase FLAC volume, increase AAC volume, increase AC3 volume, etc.
  • Add or delete audio from the video files, or select the audio channel.
  • Change from mono to stereo 5.1, or combine mono to stereo.
  • Extract audio from video and then save as audio file as well as increase the audio volume.
  • Convert between any video or audio format on Mac and Windows.

Guide to Increase MP4 Video Volume with Avdshare Video Converter

Here is an elaborate guide on how to Increase sound volume of MP4 Video with Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac).

Get ready

Free download the best MP4 volume booster, install and run it, the following interface will pop up.

Alt=MP4 Video Volume Booster Mac Version- Avdshare Video Converter

Step 1 Add MP4 videos

Click “Add File” button or drag and drop file to insert MP4 file from your pc or your hard disc.

Step 2 Set volume settings

Click "Setting..." button and go to the "Advanced Settings" Window. Click the "Advanced" tab, then go to "Audio" column, and you can select from volume ratio like 100%, 200%, 500%, 600%, etc. until get your desired volume level.

You can also define the video bit rate, resolution, frame rate etc.

Step 3 Finish

Click the BIG ROUND button at the right bottom side to finish increasing the sound volume.

Why Increase the Sound Volume of Videos or Audios?

Here list some circumstances where we need to increase the sound volume of the videos.

  • The video or audio files recorded in a low volume and need to adjust the volume settings in order to hear better.
  • The movies downloaded from the internet have quite low sound, even though make the speaker volume 100%.
  • When watching videos online, you may find some of them have very small sound. Even with the volume slider of the website video on max and the PC volume set to maximum too, you still can’t hear them clearly.