How to Solve 'Cannot Play MP3 on iTunes' ?

Five Method to Successfully Play MP3 on iTunes

iTunes is a good option when you want to transfer your MP3 music files to iPhone, iPad, etc. However, in practice many people failed to add their MP3 music files to iTunes library and so can not sync the MP3 files to iPhone, iPad, etc. Why does this happen and how to fix it?

Well, normally MP3 music format is supported by iTunes. If you have 'MP3 music file can not play on iTunes' issue the following methods are worthy your trying.

Method One: Update iTunes

If your iTunes is old it may cause music file playback failure. You can follow the steps below to update your iTunes to its latest version.

Step 1: Launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click Help button>Check for Update button.

Step 3: Follow the instruction to install the latest iTunes version.

Method Two: Re-log in your account

Re-logging in your account can also work this problem out sometimes. You can click Account>Sign Out button and then click Account>Sign in button to re-log in your account.

Method Three: Check if your MP3 file has already been imported

If you have already added this MP3 file to your iTunes library you can not import it again. You can launch iTunes>Recently Added to find your already imported MP3 file.

Method Four: Your MP3 File may be corrupt

You can also import this MP3 file to another media player to see if this MP3 file can be played normally. You can import this MP3 file to VLC Player to check if this MP3 file can be played normally and if not, your MP3 file may be corrupt. You can find another source or search for an Audio Repair tool to repair your MP3 file.

Method Five: Convert MP3 to M4A

If the above methods can not help you to solve 'can not play on iTunes' issue you can try to convert your MP3 file to M4A file, since M4A format is also well supported by iTunes. For this, you will need a professional MP3 to iTunes converter. Avdshare Audio Converter is very powerful to convert your MP3 file to iTunes M4A file. With Avdshare Audio Converter, you can easily convert your MP3 file to iTunes M4A file with the best available audio quality. The conversion speed is super fast, normally 90X faster than other audio converters. Besides convert MP3 to M4A, this MP3 to iTunes converter also supports to convert any other audio format to iTunes supported audio formats or convert any unsupported audio format to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android supported audio formats.

Guide on Converting MP3 to iTunes M4A

You can follow the guide below to convert your MP3 file to iTunes M4A.

Make Preparation: Free download MP3 to iTunes Converter

Free download the professionalMP3 to iTunes Converter - Avdshare Audio Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import the MP3 audio file

Click the Add File button to import your MP3 file to this MP3 to iTunes converter. Dragging and dropping the MP3 file to this converter is also well supported.

Step 2 Specify M4A as output audio format

You can also click the Profile button>Lossless Audio category to choose M4A as the output format.

Step 3 Complete the MP3 audio format to iTunes M4A conversion work

The last step is to click the Convert button to get your MP3 file converted to iTunes supported M4A format.