How to Solve 'Can not Play MP3 on Android' Issue?

Five Methods to Solve 'Can not Play MP3 on Android' Issue

Surprised to find that your MP3 file can not be played on your Android device and want to know a method to solve that? The following 5 methods easily help to solve 'Can not Play MP3 on Android' issue. Check the five methods as below.

MP3 is the most popular audio format is widely supported by almost all audio devices. Android devices or players are also the popular devices and players. Normally, an MP3 file can be fully played on an Android device or player, but the exception also exists. Sometimes, you will find that your MP3 file fails to play on your Android device. How to fix it?

Well, the MP3 format is fully supported by any Android device or player, so it is not the format issue and does not need help from an audio converter. To get this problem fixed, the following five methods worthy your trying.

Method One: Clear data

If you are using Google Play Music to play MP3 file on your Android device you can fix this error by deleting the data. Follow the steps below to do that.

Step 1: Go to the Settings>Applications>Goolge Play Music.

Step 2: Find Archive option from the application information and then go to the menu option and click the Delete button. And then try to play the MP3 file on your Android device again to see if the problem solved.

Method Two: Clear the Cache

In some cases the cache files can cause the music player application not working. You can clear the music player cache by going to Settings>Apps to find the music player you used to play your MP3 file. And then click Clear data button to clear your music player cache.

Method Three: Restart your Android device

Sometimes, the MP3 not playing issue is caused by the application conflicts on your Android device and you can try to solve it by restarting your Android device.

Press the Power button on your Android device for some seconds until your Android device screen becomes black. And then press the Power button again to restart your Android device to see if this problem is solved.

Method Four: Restore the original setting of your Android Device

If all the above methods do not solve your MP3 playback issue you can consider to restore the original setting of your Android device. Go to Settings>Backup and reset button >Restore original settings.

Method Five: Try Another MP3 Player on Android Device

Of course, you can also try to install another MP3 Player on your Android device. VLC Player for Android is fully capable of playing any MP3 file. You can go to VLC Player official website, download VLC Player for Android app and install it on your Android device. After the installation, you can launch it to open your MP3 file on your Android device.