How to Remove iTunes DRM Protection?

iTunes DRM Remover - Remove iTunes DRM Protection on Mac and Windows

iTunes Store has provided many users with its excellent music files, movie and TV files. However, one annoying thing is that users purchased and downloaded music file or video file is protected by Apple FairPlay, and you can simply understand it as DRM protection. Some users may think the DRM protection is good while others take it very inconvenient to play the iTunes music or video files, because iTunes DRM protection only allows users to play the purchased and downloaded iTunes music and video files on authorized devices, including up to 5 computers, iOS devices. So users can not play iTunes purchased music or video files on outside of 5 computers and on other non-Android devices. Any solution? Actually, this can be easily solved by a professional iTunes DRM removal software. The following article will introduce a powerful iTunes DRM removal software to get this problem solved.

Key Features of iTunes DRM removal

  1. Easily remove the DRM protection from any purchased or downloaded iTunes music or video file.
  2. Remove iTunes music or video DRM protection while having the option to convert the iTunes purchased music or video file to MP3 or M4B without any quality loss.
  3. This iTunes DRM removal will provide very fast speed to remove the iTunes music or video file DRM protection with fast speed.
  4. Except for removing iTunes music or video file DRM protection, this iTunes DRM removal also supports to remove DRM protection from Audible AA or AAX files.
  5. It can work on any Windows or Mac system, including the old one and the new one, to remove iTunes music or video file DRM protection.
  6. If you remove Audiobooks DRM protection, it also supports to split audible into chapters and maintain the metadata of audible books.

Guide on Removing iTunes DRM Protection

The following will list the steps to help users to simply remove the iTunes DRM protection.

Free download iTunes DRM Remover and Converter

Free download iTunes DRM Remover and Converter (for Windows, for Mac) by instructions, install and launch iTunes DRM Remover and Converter software.


Step 1 Add iTunes music or video file

First, you need to download iTunes music or video file, and then click the "+add" button to import the downloaded iTunes file to this iTunes DRM Remover.

Step 2 Optional Step: Split by chapters

If you want to split files into chapters, you can click Edit and click "split by chapters" button at the end of each book title>Click "OK" button to make it.

Step 3 Remove iTunes DRM protection

You can click on "Convert to M4B" button and then the iTunes music file DRM will be removed without changing the audio file format. You can also click on "Convert to MP3" button to remove the iTunes file DRM protection with the output format as MP3, an audio format more widely accepted on Android systems and on other audio players. It depends on where you want to use the iTunes file finally.