How to Play MTS Files on DVD Player? Will MTS Be Played on a DVD Player?

MTS to DVD Player Converter - Convert MTS to DVD Disk Supported Video Formats

Nowadays, not only the professionals but also the general users like to use digital camcorders to record their happy or important moments. Among all these camcorder users, some of them plan to play their recorded MTS on their DVD players or DVD player connected TVs. And when they really try to do this, they find they can not do that. So these uses could not help asking will MTS files be played on a DVD player. If they do, why I failed and if they don't, how can I play them on DVD player or the connected TV? Now the following article just answers the above questions.

Will MTS Be Played on a DVD Player?

Well, there are many models of DVD player and each model may support to play different file formats, but almost all DVD players do not support to directly play the MTS files. Actually, except for DVD player, MTS is not compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, etc. 

How to Play MTS Files on DVD Players?

Almost all DVD players support to play the DVD disk, so we only need to burn the unsupported MTS to DVD disk and then play the burned DVD disk on DVD player. As we know that MPEG-2 , but not the MTS, is the optimized format for burning to DVD, so before we use a DVD burner to  directly burn MTS to DVD, we need a video converter to convert the MTS to MPEG-2 format. To convert MTS to MPEG-2, a professional MTS to MPEG-2 converter, like Avdshare Video Converter, is recommended.

MTS to DVD Player Converter - Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Convert any MTS file from any camcorder to the MPEG-2 format for easily and successfully burning the MTS file to DVD for the DVD player or the DVD player connected TV.
  2. Convert other video formats, like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, WMV, MOV, etc, to MPEG-2 for burning these video formats to DVD disk.
  3. Convert MTS to other video formats to solve MTS incompatibility with other platforms, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, etc, like converting MTS to MOV, MP4 for playing on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc, converting MTS to MP4, 3GP for playing MTS on Android, and other MP4 or 3GP compatible portable devices, converting MTS to WMV, ASF for playing MTS in any version of Windows Media Player, converting MTS to FLV, WEBM, MP4 for easily uploading MTS to YouTube, Facebook and other social websites.
  4. Solve any video incompatibility issue by converting the video format to the one compatible with your device, media player or video editors.

Guide on Converting MTS to DVD Player Video Format

The following guide will work to convert the MTS to DVD disk optimized video format like MPEG-2.

Make Preparation: Free download MTS to DVD Player Converter

Free download the professional MTS to DVD Player Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Upload MTS file

Click the "Add file" button to easily add the MTS file to this MTS to DVD player converter. You can also drag and drop the MTS file to this MTS to DVD player.

Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Choose MPEG-2 as your output format by clicking "Profile" button > "General Video" category.

Step 3 Convert MTS to DVD Player format

Click the "Convert" button to easily start and finish the MTS to DVD Player more supported MPEG-2 format conversion.


How to Burn MPEG-2 to DVD Disk?

Many DVD burners are available on the market, like iDVD, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Media Player, etc. Now the following part just shows you how to use Windows Media Player to burn the converted MPEG-2 to DVD.

  1. Open Windows Media Player
  2. Under the Player Library, select Burn tab>Burn options button>DVD.
  3. Insert a blank disc into DVD burner.
  4. Search and drag the converted MPEG-2 file that you want to burn to DVD to the list pane to create a burn list.
  5. Finally click the Start burn button to start and finish your DVD burning process.