How to Play HEVC on iPhone 8/7/X/ Plus/6/5, etc?

HEVC to iPhone 8 Converter - Convert HEVC to iPhone more Supported MP4 or MOV

Does iPhone 8 Support HEVC?

To get higher quality video and better compression rates, Apple has added HEVC support since its iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra which means that iPhone 7 and higher iPhone models, including iPhone 8, have the ability in playing HEVC files. But in practice playing HEVC on iPhone 8 and other iPhone models which claim to play HEVC is not that smooth. The reason behind may lie in two aspects. One is Apple iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra and later versions only support to play HEVC recorded by an iOS device and the other reason is that the Apple device must have Apple's A9 chip or newer.

From many iPhone 8 users feedback, we learned that their failures for playing HEVC on iPhone 8 are mostly caused by the HEVC file, since they got the HEVC from the internet, not from an iOS device and their HEVC files are not in Apple most accepted MP4 or MOV format.

Solution to Playing HEVC on iPhone 8

To easily fix HEVC not playing on iPhone 8, the easiest solution is to use a HEVC to iPhone 8 converter to convert the HEVC format to iPhone 8 most supported H.264 MOV. Well, not any video converter supports to convert the relatively new HEVC format and only the converters from the big company have updated their converters and added HEVC support, among which Avdshare Video Converter is included.

Key Features of Avdshare Video Converter

  1. Convert any unplayed HEVC to any iPhone 8 or other iPhone models best supported H.264 MOV, a file format and codec that iPhone 8 and later iPhones with iOS 11 system or iPhones with old systems can not refuse to play.
  2. This HEVC to iPhone 8 converter also helps to convert other video formats, like FLV, MKV, VP8, VP9, XviD, WMV, WTV and many other video formats and codecs, to iPhone 8 or any other iPhone best supported H.264 MOV.
  3. Except for converting HEVC and other unsupported video formats to iPhone supported video formats, this HEVC to iPhone 8 converter also functions to convert any unsupported video format to other video devices, players or other video applications supported video formats. The supported video devices, players and editors include Android, PSP, Zune, Roku, Xbox, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.
  4. Also, this HEVC to iPhone 8 converter supports batch conversions when converting HEVC to iPhone 8 or converting other video formats.
  5. The fast conversion speed and zero quality loss are provided when converting HEVC to iPhone 8 or converting other video formats.

Guide on Converting HEVC to iPhone 8

The following guide will help to easily convert the unplayed HEVC to iPhone 8 best supported MOV H.264.

Make Preparation: Free download HEVC to iPhone 8 Converter

Free download the professional HEVC to iPhone 8 Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Upload HEVC file

Users can click the"Add file" button to easily get the HEVC file imported to this HEVC to iPhone 8 converter.

Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Select MOV H.264 as the output format by clicking "Profile" button >"General Video" category.

Step 3 Start the conversion

Click the Convert button to start and finish HEVC to iPhone 8 MP4 H.264 conversion process.