How to Play H.264 Files on Windows 10?

H.264 to Windows 10 Converter - Convert H.264 to Windows 10 Supported WMV

Windows Media Player is the default player for Windows 10 and it has been pre-installed on your Windows 10 to help you to play your media files. Windows Media Player supports to play many kinds of video files, like MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, etc, but not all. Recently, many people have failed to open H.264 file on their Windows 10. Can't Windows 10 support to play H.264 file? If not, how to fix it?

Well, H.264 codec is a very popular video compression standard and it can be wrapped into many container formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc, among which MKV format and MOV format are not or not easily supported by Windows Media Player. So if your H.264 codec is wrapped in Windows Media Player unsupported container formats you will fail to open this H.264 file on your Windows 10. When you have got H.264 file not playing on Windows 10 issue, do not worry and the following two methods can easily help you.

Method One: Convert H.264 to Windows 10 WMV

You can use a professional H.264 to Windows 10 converter to convert your H.264 file to Windows 10 more supported WMV.

Avdshare Video Converter is just developed for this purpose. With Avdshare Video Converter, you can easily convert your H.264 file to Windows 10 more supported WMV, ASF, etc.

You will get no quality loss when using this converter to convert H.264 to Windows 10 WMV.

Super high conversion speed allows you to finish the H.264 file to Windows 10 WMV within seconds or few minutes.

Besides, this converter also supports to convert any other unsupported video format to Windows 10, other Windows versions, any Mac version, iOS devices, game consoles or other video playing devices and players best supported video formats.

This converter also supports you to batch convert many H.264 files to Windows 10 WMV at once.

Steps on How to Convert H.264 to Windows 10 WMV

The following steps easily help you to convert your H.264 file to Windows 10 WMV.

Make Preparation: Free download H.264 to Windows 10 Converter

Free download the professionalH.264 to Windows 10 Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import H.264 file

This converter allows you to add your H.264 file to this converter by clicking the Add File button or by the Drag&Drop feature. Batch conversion from many H.264 files to Windows 10 WMV only needs you to add all your H.264 files to this converter.

Step 2 Specify WMV as output video format

Windows 10 more supported WMV can be easily set as the output format after you click the Profile button>General Video category.

Step 3 Complete the H.264 to Windows 10 WMV conversion work

You can click the Convert button to complete your H.264 to Windows 10 WMV conversion.

Method Two: Install Another H.264 Player to Windows 10

If your H.264 file is not supported by your Windows 10 you can install another player which can play H.264 to your Windows 10. Among all the available H.264 players, VLC Player wins good feedback. VLC Player features playing all H.264 files in any container format, including MKV, MOV, etc. Also, VLC Player will help to play any other unsupported video file on your Windows 10.

Now go to VLC Player official website, choose your needed VLC Player version and download it to your Windows 10. After installing it, open it to play your H.264 file on your Windows 10 computer.