How to Play AAX Files on Mac?

AAX to Mac Converter - Convert AAX to Mac Supported MP3

Audible is a popular American online audiobook website which allows you to purchase and stream online audiobooks. Usually, audiobooks are in AAX and AA formats. Many users plan to play audiobooks offline on their Mac computers, so they succeed to download some audiobooks. However, when these users tried to play their downloaded audiobooks on Mac they mostly failed. That is because audiobooks AAX files are protected by DRM protection which prevents Audible AAX playback on Mac or on other popular systems and devices. So is there some software which can help to play Audible AAX file on Mac computer?

You are lucky to read the following article in which we will introduce a professional AAX to Mac converter to help to successfully play any AAX file on your Mac computer. More surprisingly is that this Epubor Audible Converter will remove the AAX DRM protection when converting to Mac computer best supported MP3.

AAX to Mac Converter - Epubor Audible Converter

  1. Any AAX file can be easily converted to Mac computer best supported MP3 with DRM protection removal for the compatible AAX file playback on Mac computers.
  2. Except for converting AAX to MP3, this Epubor Audible Converter also supports to convert AAX to M4B with DRM protection removal.
  3. Zero quality loss will have when converting AAX to MP3 or M4B.
  4. You can enjoy fast speed, as fast as your previous audio converters if not faster than them, when converting AAX to MP3 or M4B.
  5. Also, batch conversion from AAX to MP3 or M4B is easily available by this converter.
  6. Also, if you want to split your AAX file in time, by chapter or into segments you can also rely on this Epubor Audible Converter.

Guide on Converting AAX to Mac MP3

The following will provide the detailed step by step guide on how to convert the AAX file to Mac MP3 file.


Free download Audible AAX to iTunes Converter

Free download this great AAX to iTunes Converter (for Windows, for Mac) by instructions, install and launch AAX to iTunes Converter software, then the following interface will pop up.

Step 1. Add AAX file to Epubor Audible Converter

In this step, you only need to import your downloaded AAX file to this AAX to Mac converter. Two methods are available in importing AAX to Mac: clicking the "+Add" button or using the drag and drop feature.

You can also use this Epubor Audible Converter to split your audio books into chapters or segments. Just click Option button>click OK button to get what you want. Also, checking Apply to all button> OK button will allow you to use splitting feature to all imported audible books.

Step 2 Optional Step: Convert AAX to Mac MP3 with chapters

If you want the AAX file with chapters you need to select "split by chapters" button> OK button. If you want all your imported AAX files with chapters in the future you can check the Apply to all button

Step 3 Convert Audible AAX file to Mac MP3 with DRM removal

Define MP3 as the output format and then click on "Convert to MP3" button to start the conversion. Wait a while for the conversion completion and this conversion process also removes the original AAX file DRM protection.