How to Play AAX Files on iPhone?

AAX to iPhone Converter - Convert AAX to MP3 without Audible DRM Protection

As a popular audiobook and podcast service, Audible is also favored among iPhone users. However, it is not allowed for iPhone users to listen to Audible audiobooks on their iPhone devices due to the DRM protection added on the downloaded Audible AAX files. Any other method to play AAX files on iPhone? Here I will introduce two popular methods to help you to easily play any AAX file on any iPhone model.

Method One: Download and Install Audible App on your iPhone Device

  1. Audible has launched app for iPhone devices. Just find Audible app for iOS devices from App store, download it and install it on your iPhone device.
  2. Use the same credentials that you used to buy the audible audiobooks to log in Audible account.
  3. Open My Library> Cloud tab to find all of your purchased audible audiobooks, among which choose the one you want to play on your iPhone and also you will find a Download button. Click the Download button to start downloading your needed audible audiobooks on your iPhone.
  4. Once the Audible audiobooks download is finished listen to them on your iPhone device right away.

Method Two: Convert Audible AAX to iPhone MP3 without DRM protection

We know that Audible has added DRM protection to its downloaded AAX files, so we only need to get the AAX DRM protection removed and then convert the AAX file to iPhone device best supported MP3. AAX to iPhone Converter is just developed for this purpose. Actually, this method is universal for playing Audible AAX file on many other devices, like iPad, iPod, Android, PSP, Zune, Xbox, Roku, etc. This AAX to iPhone Converter works to convert any AAX file to iPhone MP3 without any quality loss and the conversion speed is also very fast. Now follow the steps below to get your AAX file converted to iPhone MP3.

Free download Audible AAX to iPhone Converter

Free download AAX to iPhone Converter (for Windows, for Mac) by instructions, install and launch AAX to iTunes Converter software.

Step 1 Add AAX files
After this Epubor Audible Converter is launched, you will see the main interface of Epubor Audible Converter. Click the Add button to find all of your downloaded AAX files on your computer, among which you only choose the ones that you want to convert to MP3. Another option is to drag and drop the AAX files to this Epubor Audible Converter.

Step 2: Split AAX file (Optional)

This AAX to iPhone converter also helps to split your audio books into chapters or segments and it can be done by clicking the Option button>click OK button. Also, this AAX to MP3 converter supports you to apply the splitting audio books feature to all future imported AAX files and you can click Apply to all button> OK button to make it.

Step 3 Convert Audible AAX file to Mac MP3 with DRM removal
Select MP3 as the output format and then click Convert to MP3 button to start and finish the conversion work and when the conversion work is done, you will find the DRM protection in the original AAX file is also removed.
Once the AAX to MP3 conversion is finished, a window including the converted files will pop up. You can find the converted MP3 file by clicking the Succeeded or the Folder icon.