How to Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint?

Three Methods to Successfully Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint

Many users are familiar with PowerPoint and often use it for their presentations. In order to make their PowerPoint more vivid, many users like to embed some videos to PowerPoint. When embedding videos to PowerPoint, YouTube has become their first choice. Now the following article just shares three methods to help users to embed their needed YouTube videos to PowerPoint.

Method One: Insert YouTube video by inserting the YouTube video URL to PowerPoint

If you are using PowerPoint 2010 and the higher versions and want to insert one YouTube video to PowerPoint, you can directly insert the YouTube video URL to PowerPoint. The steps are listed as follows:

  1. Go to YouTube, find the YouTube video that you want to insert to PowerPoint, copy this YouTube video URL from the address bar.
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation and find the slide where you want to insert the YouTube video
  3. Click the Insert button> Click Video> Online Video.
  4. Paste your copied YouTube URL to YouTube URL box from the following window.
  5. Select the YouTube video by clicking on the YouTube video thumbnail and then click the Insert button to insert the wanted YouTube video. Users also have the option to adjust the inserted YouTube video size.

Note: This method does not apply for PowerPoint 2007.

Method Two: Insert local YouTube video to PowerPoint

If you have already downloaded one or many YouTube videos and want to insert them to PowerPoint, you can follow the steps below to insert them to PowerPoint.

  1. Locate the PowerPoint slide that you want to insert the YouTube video>Click Insert button>Click Video drop-down arrow>Select Video From File button.
  2. Find the local YouTube video that you want to insert and then click Insert button.
  3. The selected local YouTube video will be inserted to the PowerPoint slide.

Note: Before inserting the local YouTube video to PowerPoint, you need to make sure that the local YouTube video is with the format supported by PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2016 supports MP4, MKV and many other video formats. PowerPoint 2010 supports MPG, WMV, ASF, and AVI.

Method 3: Download online YouTube video and insert the downloaded YouTube video to PowerPoint

If you have not downloaded the YouTube video and want to download it and then insert it to PowerPoint, then all you need is a professional YouTube to PowerPoint downloader- Allavsoft. Allavsoft can directly download the YouTube video to any version of PowerPoint compatible video format, MP4, WMV, etc. After the downloading, users can use the above Method Two to insert the downloaded YouTube video to PowerPoint. Besides, Allavsoft can help to download Dailymotion video, Facebook video, Netflix video, etc to PowerPoint supported video formats for the compatible embedding. Using Allavsoft to download YouTube video is also very simple and users only need three steps:

  1. Open YouTube, find your YouTube video that you want to download, copy this YouTube video URL and paste it to Allavsoft.
  2. Click the"Automatically Convert to" button to select your PowerPoint version supported file format.
  3. Click the Convert button to complete downloading YouTube video.


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