How to Download Youku Videos Offline to MP4, MOV?

Two Methods to Download Videos from Youku to MP4, MOV, AVI etc

Youku is a video hosting service and one of the most visited one in China. You can find many types of videos produced in any country on Youku. However, there are ads before you can enjoy the actual Youku videos and you need to pay to close the ads. Want to download some Youku videos for offline playback? If so, the following article can help you.

Download Youku Videos by Clicking the Download button

Youku launched subscription service and allows the free users and the subscribed users to download its videos. For both free users and subscribed users, they need to download Youku videos via Youku App and free users can only download the Youku videos without VIP mark. Also, the downloaded Youku videos can only be watched on Youku App. Free users and subscribed users can download the Youku videos by clicking the Download button on the video playing interface, or on other available pages you can find.

Note: If one Youku video download is forbidden by its uploader, neither Youku free users nor subscribed users can download it.

Download Youku Videos with Allavsoft

If you want to watch the downloaded Youku videos easily on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or on any other device you need the professional Youku downloader - Allavsoft to download your wanted Youku videos.

This Allavsoft can easily download any Youku video in any type and in any language and supports to give MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, WTV, etc as the output format to allow you to play Youku video without any incompatibility.

This Allavsoft also supports to remove any ad in Youku online video when downloading the Youku videos. There will be no quality loss when using this Allavsoft to download Youku videos.

Besides download Youku videos, this Allavsoft also supports to download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Vimeo videos, Dailymotion videos, Vevo videos, etc at your choice.

Guide on Downloading Youku Videos

The following will list the step by step guide on how to download Youku videos.

Make Preparation: Free download Youku Downloader

Free download the professional Youku Downloader - Allavsoft (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import Youku video URL

When you have found one Youku video and want to download it, you only need to copy its video URL and paste it to Allavsoft. You can also drag and drop its video URL to Allavsoft. If you want to download many Youku videos you can import all these Youku video URLs to Allavsoft to allow Allavsoft to download all of them at once.

Step 2 Set final output format (Optional)

This Allavsoft will support to give any video format as the output format and you can easily click the "Automatically Convert to" button>"General Video" category to finish that. Also, this Allavsoft supports to give the online Youku video format as the default output format and if you are OK with online Youku video format as the output format do nothing here and directly go to the next step and Allavsoft will get it done with its default setting.

Step 3 Start to download Youku video

At last, hit the Download button to get your wanted Youku video easily downloaded as your wanted MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc.