How to Download Private Vimeo Videos to MP4?

Vimeo to MP4 Downloader - Download Private Vimeo Videos to MP4 or MP3

I like to download two Vimeo Private videos for offline playback on my Android mobile phone. I tried almost one hour, but still cannot find a method to get my wanted Vimeo Private videos downloaded. Can anyone share a workable method to help to download the Vimeo Private videos? I need these videos urgently.

Vimeo Pro, Business, or Premium memberships can set their videos as Private videos if they do not want others to access your videos. The Vimeo Private videos will be unseen on Vimeo website and are not allowed users to comment on or like, let alone downloading Vimeo Private videos. So even the Vimeo subscription users still can not get their favorite Vimeo Private video downloading work done. How to solve this and give users their wanted Vimeo Private videos? The following article just introduces a powerful Vimeo Private video downloader - Allavsoft to help users to easily download their needed Vimeo Private videos.

Vimeo to MP4 Downloader - Allavsoft

  1. Easily download any Vimeo Private video or non-Private video downloaded no matter whether you subscribed one of Vimeo memberships or not.
  2. Easily download any Vimeo private or non-private video as the Vimeo online video format or as MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMV or any other needed video format to make playing the Vimeo video on any device or player possible.
  3. Easily download any Vimeo private or non-private video with the 100% original video quality downloaded.
  4. The fastest downloading speed ensures that users can get the downloaded Vimeo Private video soon.
  5. Batch downloading more than one Vimeo private or non-private video is fully supported.
  6. Downloading various types of videos from YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Dailymotion, etc is also fully supported.
  7. The built-in media player also allows direct Vimeo video playback in Allavsoft easy.

Guide on Downloading Vimeo Private Video

The following guide will work to easily download any Vimeo private video, any non-private video or any other online video to MP4

Make Preparation: Free download Vimeo Private Video Downloader

Free download the professional Vimeo Private Video Downloader - Allavsoft (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import Vimeo Private video URL

Import the Vimeo Private video URL to this Vimeo Private downloader by Copy&Paste feature. The drag and drop feature also works to import the Vimeo Private video URL to this Vimeo Private downloader.

Step 2: Click Download button

Finally, click the Download button to get MP4 format for the downloaded Vimeo Private video.