How to Download MasterClass Videos to MP4 on Mac and Windows?

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Hey, guys. I just purchased a MasterClass lesson and it has no problem to play online, but recently I have planned to travel for a month and it will be very convenient to play the MasterClass lesson if I download the MasterClass video file in advance. Can you introduce me a functional MasterClass video downloader to download my purchased MasterClass lesson to my Android computer accepted MP4?

Well, a downloaded MasterClass lesson can give more flexibility with respects of playback, editing or re-uploading, but from MasterClass official website, we know that computer users can only be allowed to download class materials, but not the actual video lessons to their computers, and iPhone and iPad users are only supported to download selected video lessons. So how to easily download MasterClass video lessons for offline playback on any Windows computer, Mac computer, iOS device, Android mobile, Android tablet, PSP, Roku, and other portable devices? The best way is to use a professional MasterClass downloader for users need. The following will share a widely used MasterClass downloader - Allavsoft to users.

MasterClass Video Downloader - Allavsoft

  1. Download any MasterClass video lesson: download any Culinary Arts video lesson, any Writing video lesson, any Design, Photography, & Fashion video lesson, and any other type of video lesson you can find on MasterClass website.
  2. Download MasterClass video lesson with high quality output: the 100% original MasterClass video lesson quality will be perfectly saved as the output.
  3. Download MasterClass video lesson with high speed: the 30X faster downloading speed is provided to download any MasterClass video lesson.
  4. Various output formats: a bunch of output formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, and FLV, are perfectly supported to save as the output format.
  5. Batch download: Support to batch download MasterClass video lessons to help users to download all their needed MasterClass video lessons at one time.
  6. Download from other video websites: users are supported to download any type of video from other 10,000+ video websites, among which YouTube, CBS, Udemy, Facebook, Yahoo, etc are completely supported.
  7. 100% clean MasterClass video downloading: a 100% clean and safe MasterClass video downloading is supported.

Guide on Downloading MasterClass Video Lesson

The following guide will work to easily download any MasterClass video lesson as any output format.

Make Preparation: Free download MasterClass Video Downloader

Free download the professional MasterClass Video Downloader - Allavsoft (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Import MasterClass video URL

Import the MasterClass video lesson URL to this MasterClass downloader by Copy and Paste feature.

Step 2: Click Download button

Click the Download button to complete downloading the imported MasterClass video lesson offline as MP4 Format