How to Convert MKV to iTunes on Mac or Windows?

MKV to iTunes Converter: Convert MKV to Play MKV in iTunes, iPad, iPhone

Expect to import and play MKV in iTunes? This article just aims to specify how to convert MKV to iTunes (iTunes 12 included) by the assistance of an MKV to iTunes Converter.

Powerful Functions of MKV to iTunes Converter

  1. Convert MKV to iTunes MP4 within minutes and without quality loss
  2. Convert other video formats including WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MXF, WMA,WebM, OGV, AVCHD, FLAC, OGG, etc to iTunes supported MP4, MOV or M4V
  3. Convert MKV to audio formats compatible with iTunes, like MKV to MP3, MKV to CAF3,MKV to AIFF,MKV to AC3,MKV to M4A, or MKV to Apple LossLess
  4. Convert MKV to corresponding and compatible formats with iPhone, Android, Samsung, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, etc.
  5. Convert MKV to WebM for streaming to Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  6. Convert MKV to WMV or AVI for playing on Windows based system or players, like Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, etc.

Convert MKV to iTunes Step by Step Guide

The converting MKV to iTunes step by step guide is listed below for your reference


Make Preparation: Free download MKV to iTunes Converter

Free download the powerful MKV to iTunes Converter - MKV to iTunes Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Load MKV

Click "Add file" button to load MKV to the main interface of MKV to iTunes Converter, or you can choose to drag and drop MKV to MKV to iTunes Converter.

Step 2 Select iTunes MOV or MP4 format

Click "Profile" button to select such asMOV or MP4 as the exporting format

Step 3 Convert MKV to iTunes

Click "Convert" button to complete converting MKV to iTunes


MKV, as a multimedia container media, can be played by some DirectShow based players,likeVLC, MPlayer, ZoomPlayer, Media player Classic, BSplayer, etc, but not by iTunes. With this MKV to iTunes Converter you can play MKV in iTunes with ease. Besides you won't worry the following issues:

  1. I can play MKV well in Windows Media Player but when I play MKV in iTunes/Apple TV, I can't get any sound, why and how to solve this?
  2. I download many movies in MKV format, how can I put them to play on my iTunes/iPod or iPad?
  3. I tried to convert MKV to iTunes with Handbrake but the conversion speed is very slow, anyone knows one better MKV to iTunes Converter which can get the job done within minutes?
  4. It takes almost an hour to convert one of my movies in MKV, is there one faster MKV to iTunes Converter?