Can VLC play AAX files? How to Play AAX in VLC?

AAX to VLC Player Converter - Convert AAX to VLC More Supported MP3


Can VLC play AAX files? Many users are asking about this question in Google forums. AAX file format is an Audible DRM-protected file format and so many softwares and players do not support to play Audible AAX files, including VLC. Most of users may not learn AAX file well, so the following article will give a brief introduction of AAX file format as well as share a popular method to help users to easily play AAX file on VLC player.

What is AAX File?

I think many users are familiar with Audible service, a popular online audiobook and podcast platform. And Audible adopts AA and AAX as its audible books format. To prevent that users burn CDs and then copy CD contents for unauthorized playback, Audible has applied DRM protection to its audible books, which caused the AAX big incompatibility with other audio devices, players and programs.

How to Play AAX on VLC Player?

After many tests, we know that the best method to get AAX file played on VLC player is to use a powerful AAC to VLC player converter to convert the unsupported AAX file to VLC player best supported MP3 and at the same time to remove Audible DRM protection.

AAX to VLC Player Converter

Epubor Audible Converter is just the powerful AAX file to VLC player converter used by many users. Let's check its key features as follows:

  1. Convert AAX file to VLC player best supported MP3 wile maintaining the original AAX file quality.
  2. The conversion speed is very fast, normally 60X faster than other AAX converters.
  3. Convert Audible AAX file to VLC player supported MP3 without iTunes and with chapters if users need.
  4. Convert Audible AAX to M4B as well as MP3 for M4B-supported programs and applications.
  5. Convert AAX to MP3 and M4B with metadata of audible books.
  6. Convert AAX to MP3 or M4B on all systems of Windows and Mac.

Guide on Converting AAX to VLC Player MP3

The following guide will work to easily convert any AAX file to VLC Player supported MP3.

Free download AAX to VLC Player Converter

Free download AAX to VLC Player converter- Epubor Audible Converter (for Windows, for Mac) by instructions, install and run it.

Mac Version Windows Version

Step 1 Add AAX

Your AAX file can be simply imported to this AAX to VLC Player converter by clicking the " +add" button. Users can also drag and drop the AAX file to AAX to VLC Player converter.

Step 2 Optional Step: Convert AAX to VLC Player MP3 with chapters

If you want the AAX file with chapters you need to select "split by chapters" button> OK button. If you want all your imported AAX files with chapters in the future you can check the Apply to all button.

Step 3 Convert AAX to VLC player MP3 with DRM removal

Click the "Convert to mp3" button to complete converting AAX file to VLC Player supported MP3 and when the conversion process is done the output MP3 file is also without any DRM protection.