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Convert Any Unsupported Video Format to Any Samsung Device Best Supported MP4 H.264

Samsung is a very popular electronic brand and its products, including mobiles, TVs, computers, tablets, etc, have been widely used among users. However, we can search many users complains in Samsung Forums and many other forums reporting Samsung devices not successfully working with video files, like not playing MTS, M2TS, WTV, RMVB, etc on Samsung devices, only getting audio, but no image when playing video file, video image buffering, etc. Well, the video not playing on Samsung is mainly caused by the unsupported video formats.

Samsung has been developed so many devices, but almost all of them get the same video formats supported, like MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, etc. However, when we play the video file on Samsung devices, we can not only make sure the video format is supported by Samsung, because for some video container formats, like MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, etc, the successful video playback also depends on the wrapped video codec. For almost all Samsung devices, H.264 is well supported. So when video not playing on Samsung smoothly, first we need to check if the video format is supported by Samsung devices, and second we also need to check if the wrapped video codec is supported by Samsung devices.

How Do We Play the Unsupported Video File on Samsung?

If the video format or the wrapped video codec is not supported by Samsung devices after checking, users will need a professional Samsung video converter to enable the smooth video playback on Samsung devices.

Samsung Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter

Avdshare Video Converter is just the most powerful Samsung video converter which supports to solve any video playback issue. Avdshare Video Converter helps to convert any unsupported FLV, MKV, AVI, WTV, MTS, M2TS, RMVB, etc to any Samsung mobile, TV, tablet, or computer best supported MP4 H.264. There will be not quality loss when using Avdshare Video Converter to do the video conversion for Samsung devices. Also, this Avdshare Video Converter supports batch video conversions and the conversion speed is also super fast.

And, this Avdshare Video Converter can work to solve the unsupported video format with other electronic devices incompatibility issues. Users can use it to solve for Toshiba devices, Apple devices, Android devices, LG devices, game console devices, like PSP, Zune, Roku, etc.

Furthermore, this Avdshare Video Converter can work as a video editor to edit the unsupported video file or any imported video file in any video format with many basic or advanced video editing features, like rotating, splitting, merging, cropping, changing video resolution, frame rate, sample rate, bitrate, etc, adding various effects to video files.

Guide on Converting the Unsupported Video Format to Samsung Devices

The following guide will help to easily convert any unsupported video format to any Samsung device best supported MP4 H.264.

Make Preparation: Free download Samsung VideoConverter

Free download the professionalSamsung Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1 Add FLV file

Users can click the "Add file" button to easily get the unsupported video format, such as FLV, to this Samsung video converter.

Step 2 Targeted output format setting

Click the "Profile" button to choose MP4 H.264 as the output format from the following "General Video" category.

Step 3 Start the conversion

Users can easily get the unsupported video format converted to any Samsung device best supported MP4 H.264 after they click the Convert button.