Allavsoft Review: The Best Video and Music Downloader

Allavsoft is Safe to Use, Easy to Use, Download Videos/Music to MP4, MP3

For nearly a year I have been using Allavsoft to download and convert videos from YouTube, BBC and bought courses from Udemy and Lynda. I also use Allasoft to download MP3 or FLAC from Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud. At the start I was a bit sceptical in using “ALLAVSOFT” as I was apprehensive in not knowing if it is safe to use, if it would work and how hard it would be to use as stated on their website.


ALLAVSOFT is so simple to use - you simply copy the URL’s from your browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and paste them into the application and watch it work its magic as it copies the converted mp4/mp3 files into its own folder on your machine. The video/audio quality produced after conversion is amazing as it actually improves the video and sound quality of the originals.

It is an excellent product and deserves an excellent rating due to its ease of use, support and the end results - Well done ALLAVSOFT a program that does everything it says it does

 Allavsoft: EXCELLENT PROGRAM - EASY TO USE Step by Step Guide to Download From Spotify, YouTube, Udemy etc

Background in using this wonderful Allavsoft.

Video considered the base of e-learning for all of us especially if you have poor internet connection so you can not load or stream videos all the time and have it available offline is the key, so if you found a software that is helping you download all your videos for educational purposes or for fun from various social networks that will change your learning life experience and how you are enjoying your fun time.


This is what I've found with Allavsoft download client.


Why choose Allavsoft as my default Video and Music Downloader

I am downloading a whole course with just one single click and then Allavsoft downloads everything for me and give each downloaded file a name that make it easier for me to get back to it.

Moreover if there is a website I can not download videos from I do message support to support this website which do it in just few hours and you continue enjoying your time.


Also you can convert downloaded videos to any audio format to listen to if you are not able to watch it and make use of your time doing something else and enjoying your audio files as well at the same time.


I've tried other download clients and always come back to Allavsoft once again for the ease of downloading and converting and for the prompt support 🙂

Most software let you pay for updates but if you get the lifetime license you will pay only once and get all updates for life for free.


And you do not use it for video only but you can download audio as well from different places with ease.

The software is really valuable 🙂