How to Easily Add Text to Your Video?

Text to Video Converter - Add Text watermark to Video like MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV

I want to add some of my own words to my video, but I do not know how. Can you introduce me a software to add the text to my video? My video is an MP4 format, by the way.

I need to edit three of my videos by adding some texts to them. My friend told me that Photoshop can do this job, but after I reading the Photoshop tutorials, I still do not know how to add the text to my video. Any idea?

For some video fans who often edit their videos, adding text to their videos may be very easy, but for some users who have not done the text adding work, it will be very difficult and they even have no idea about where they should download the software which can help them to do the text adding work. Now the following article just teaches you how to add text to your video with the simple steps.

Photoshop is a good software to help users to add text to their videos, but Photoshop tutorial is complicated for many users and if you are a video edition beginner, we do not advise you to use Photoshop. Besides, adding text to video is only one small function of Photoshop and you will find many other options and buttons for many other editing options, which will make you very cautious to click the buttons on Photoshop interface and be fear of clicking the wrong buttons.

Text to Video Converter - Avdshare Video Converter

Avdshare Video Converter can help you easily with the adding text to video work. Avdshare Video Converter can help to add any type of text, including the subtitles, your own words, etc to the video in any video format, MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV, WTV, etc. Avdshare Video Converter also works as a video converter which can convert the video with the added text to any other video format. Except for adding text to video, Avdshare Video Converter also supports to trim video, split video, crop video, rotate video, adjust video codec, size, volume, sample rate, bitrate, resolution, etc.

How to Easily Add Text to Your Video?

Now follow the guide below to easily add your needed text to your video file.

Step 1 Import the video file  

Click the "Add file" button to add the video file which you want to add the text to. The video could be in any video format.

Step 2 Add Text to you video file

Click "Effect" button to bring up the "Video Edit" window, go to "Watermark" panel and then check the Enable Watermark and Text dot, after which, you can type any text in the text box. If you want to adjust the text font, style, size, etc you can click the big 'T' button to adjust them. After all these settings, click OK button to save all your settings.

Step 3 Select the exporting format (Optional)

If you want to convert your video file to another video format after adding the text to your video, you can click the "Profile" button to choose it under your needed categories.

Step 4 Finish adding text to your video

Click "OK" button to start and finish adding text to your video process.