AAXC to MP3 Converter for Windows and Mac

Convert AAXC to MP3 without Audible DRM Protection on Mac and Windows

We must say that Audible is a popular audiobook service which allows you to purchase and stream audiobooks. Want to download some purchased audiobooks for flexible playback anywhere? We must say that all Audiobooks format files, AA, AAX and AAXC, are protected by DRM protection and are not easy to be played outside of Audible. And compared with AA and AAX, Audible AAXC has been given more DRM protection and is harder to be handled with. You may not be familiar with AAXC format. If so, check below to learn more about AAXC format.

AAXC Format

Since 2019, Audible has applied AAXC format to its Audible Android app and iOS app and this AAXC format is given more copyright protection to prevent from being converted to other widely used audio formats. However, you can still get AAX file format if downloaded from Windows or Mac computer.

How to Convert AAXC to MP3 for More Flexible Usage?

From users report and Audible website, we learned that the newly launched AAXC is very hard to be converted to MP3 due to its upgraded DRM protection. And a good workaround is to download Audible books as AAX format and then use an AAX to MP3 Converter to convert it to MP3 format for any of your personal audio device and player.

The following will introduce a professional AAX to MP3 converter which supports to remove any AAX DRM protection and at the same time gives MP3 or M4B as the output format. There is no quality loss during the AAX to MP3 conversion and the conversion speed is super fast. Now let's follow the guide below to learn how to convert your AAX to MP3.

Free download Audible AAX to MP3 Converter - Epubor Audible Converter

Free download the AAX to MP3 Converter (for Windows, for Mac) by instructions, install and launch AAX to iTunes Converter software, then the following interface will pop up.

Step 1. Add AAX file to Epubor Audible Converter

You can click the "+Add" button to add your AAX file to this AAX to MP3 converter. Also, you can drag and drop the AAX file to this AAX to MP3 converter.

Step 2: Split AAXC/AAX (Optional)

This AAX to MP3 converter also supports you to split your audio books into chapters or segments and it can be done by clicking the Option button>click OK button. Also, this AAX to MP3 converter supports you to apply the splitting audio books feature to all future imported AAX files and you can click Apply to all button> OK button to make it.

Step 3 Convert Audible AAX file to MP3 with DRM removal

The second and also the final step is to simply click on "Convert to MP3" button to get the imported AAX file easily converted to the popular MP3 format, and then you can use the converted MP3 for any widely used Android, iPhone, PSP, etc.